Mashona Benya Kikuyu Zubayda

The current love our our lives.

Mashona Benya Kikuyu Zubayda

At this time we have one lovely ridgeback we call Benya. She came to us from the Swiss ridgeback kennel Mashona. Benya is a large, powerfully athletic female with endless energy and enthusiasms for running and playing. She is intelligent, confident, friendly and has an outstanding ridgeback temperament. Benya is always ready to try something new, she is fearless and completely commits to any task at hand. She is a very balanced ridgeback demonstrating outstanding physical athleticism and an superb social character. Benya is an absolute joy to have and her ridgeback traits reinforce why this breed is so enduringly special.


Loves to sleep all night with her blanket over her head and can tuck herself in.

Catches any buzzing insect that gets in the house.

Will howl as loud as you sing!

Loves: to run fast. Prefers to race you on the bycicle. She always wins!

Hates: All flying insects and any type of scolding.

Health Details

Date of Birth: 15.01.2018

Mother: Taonga Dhakiya Buniwa of Mashona

Father: Baka Baraka Kavango River


ED: 0/0

OCD: 0/0

Colour: Red Wheaten

Height : 66cm

Weight: 37 kg

Teeth: Full scissor bite

DM genotype: N/N free

Blue Dilute: D/D free

JME: N/N Free