The Stack Challenge

The reason for creating a statuesque pose is to showcase the anatomical characteristics of a dog while it stands still. The angulation, top-line and symmetry of the animal can be more easily seen. The 'stack' pose is created by manually placing the elbows, legs and hocks of the animal into the desired position. Show dogs are taught to hold this pose on demand through training. Holding the pose in a show ring allows the judge to evaluate the dog from different perspectives by moving around the still animal.

The only way to get a puppy to forget about standing still and focus on something else is to introduce something enticing to the nose! Some liver paté was used to get their attention. The food causes the pups to want to move forward or stand on their tip-toes. Although the photos look static, the dogs were dynamically trying to “reach” for the snack. Learning to stand in a stacked pose takes patient training and time.

Of course a puppy is not a trained show dog and has no interest in posing for anyone! Puppies by nature are either moving around or sleeping. They are rarely awake and still simultaneously. Every second on the table is one second closer to plummeting off the edge!

I was fortunate to enlist some volunteers to help with this process. They were enthusiastic and patient. Howerver, they were not experienced at stacking wiggly puppies. Although not perfect, we did finish the shoot without any causualties falling off the table! The photos make a nice reference later on when the puppies are all grown up. Stack challenge accepted and mission accomplished.

Tabo v/d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter call name: Navy | Home call name: ATTOS

Correct male; Red Wheaten; Nose mask

Character: playfull and demanding but polite

Thunzi v/d Eysse Hoeve

Litter call name: Ninja Black

Correct male; Red Wheaten; No mask

Character: Very smart, calculating, active

Thembaa v\d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter call name: Jazz | call name GOGA

Ridge Fault: "Fiddle Ridge" symmetrical w/extra box and two crowns. Red Wheaten; Shadow mask

Character: Hillariously self entertaining and independant.

Themba v/d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter call name: Oliver

Correct male: Red Wheaten; Nose Mask

Character: Very friendly, easy going, joyful and cute

Tufani v\d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter call name: Rosie | Home call name NALA

Correct female; Red Wheaten; Nose Mask

Character: Plays hard, independant and secure

Tau v/d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter call name: Picnic | Home call name JOOP

Correct male; Red Wheaten, Nose Mask

Character: VERY busy and into everything! Fun

Tayari v/d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter call name: Holly | Home call name: TAYA

Correct female; Red Wheaten: Nose Mask

Character: Very friendly and playful allrounder

Thimba v/d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter name Dozer |call name: NOAH

Correct male: Red Wheaten

Character: Loves contact and attention. Loveable

Titalayao v/d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter call name: Whine | Home call name: DIVA

Correct female; light crown off-set

Character: Active, demanding, very cuddley

Tukufu v/d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter call name: Sky | Home call name AYO

Ridge Fault: >2 crowns; Red Wheaten;

Character: likes to play rough and hard. Climber!

Temba v/d Eyssel Hoeve

Litter call name: Magenta | Home call name BILLIE

Rige fault >2 crowns; Red Whaten;

Character: Very VERY sweet female; loves contact